Offshore Services

Encore Food Services stands ready to serve local and international waters. Our predominant work location is centered in the Gulf of Mexico. Operations also encompass international waters and rivers. Encore is a fast growing company in a competitive market. Encore takes great pride in matching the right profile personnel according to specific job requirements, even with todayís market Encore is growing.

Whom We Serve

Encore has a wide array of dining and hospitality services to cater to a large number of vessels. These include:

  • Jack up rigs
  • Platforms
  • Semi-submersible rigs
  • Dive vessels
  • Crane barges and quarter barges
  • Dock side facilities
  • Support Vessels

Aboard the vessels we provide both third party and in house training to all personnel so clients may have the best trained personnel that possess a positive attitude and practice Safety awareness. Encore believes in open communication with not only clients but with our personnel to compliment a new culture. Encore has found by having open and clear communication with our staff that our staff can focus their attention on the job at hand.

Crew Responsibilities

The on-board crew of Encore also performs the following responsibilities with professional expertise:

  • Develop weekly grocery orders and maintain a constant supply to ensure the vessel is never without the appropriate amount of food.
  • Cleaning supplies, linen and paper products.
  • Trained utility hands account for cleaning all corners of the living quarters and maintaining a potentially hazard-free environment on-board.
  • The industry-exposed utility hands serve state rooms, hallways, mess halls, restrooms and laundry services.

The availability and assignment of crew differs according to a vesselís requirements. Some may maintain a large team of personnel for catering, while some employ only a single steward!

Why Encore?

Encore and Encores Clients experience a well adjusted crew member that will take Safety and quality as the main focus of their job. With having a well adjusted focused crew member we find the value RE a safe environment, clean environment, and good positive attitudes in the work place. The sole motive of this team is to provide an enhanced living arrangement for personnel working on these vessels. Encore personnel are part of a culture that promotes a willingness to go the extra mile and do the little extra things that make life offshore a more cohesive environment work and live.